We “feel” the market and we invest in new technologies.

Our services are designed under the concept of supporting professionals, applying added value to their companies. We provide all necessary tools which will upgrade and optimize your brand image to your customers. We work as partners and we support the last mile of your services.

SMS Alert

• Recipients’ notification for delivery within the next 30 '
• Ability to notify sender for each stage of delivery, providing live updates - REAL TIME, - status of each delivery separately
• Recipients’ notification in case of delivery failure due to continuous absence


We provide to the sender directly and collectively the sums paid by the recipients at the fastest time of purchase, without any delays.


Live status update for each delivery – we provide ON LINE, 100% compatible software systems and processes supporting your order / delivery tracking programs - Fully Compatible Platforms


We have developed very high standards of results analysis, for all our services. Providing monitoring and support even to the most demanding requests. We design together with our customers all processes according to each project’s needs, we recognize all critical indicators - KPI's - and monitor them following necessary statistics.