Orbit Couriers S.A. is a Greek company, specialized in Micro Logistics solutions and courier services. Since 2003 is the exclusive provider of FedEx in Greece.

Headquartered in Athens International Airport (AIA) "El. Venizelos', with a branch Office in Thessaloniki and an extensive and organized network , Orbit Couriers S.A. serves major cities and islands in Greece with more than 70 fleet vehicles and employs more than 120 employees with excellent training and continuous expertise to provide solutions for quality customer service.

Orbit Couriers awarded for attributes such as innovation, competitiveness sustainability and quality of its services and has been distinguished by ICAP as one of the "Strongest Companies in Greece".

Orbit Couriers S.A. is a subsidiary of Orphee Beinoglou SA, the Greek company with a leading position in the national and international transport and logistics in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans.

Combining the global network of FedEx with the expertise of Beinoglou Group and deep knowledge of the local market, Orbit Couriers is a dynamic, competitive and Greek counter in the sector of courier and Micro-Logistics.

Beinoglou Group of Companies

Established in 1923, thenceforth and until today enforcing the most advanced methods of service and state – of – art technology. The employees of Orphee Beinoglou, are fully trained to provide solutions in order to meet customer’s needs. The group’s experience has been awarded for several long term agreements with the largest transportation companies worldwide.

Currently, Beinoglou Group is a leading freight forwarder and logistics provider in Greece, accompanied with 216 employees and presence in 6 countries (Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, FYROM, Romania and Lebanon) .


• To remain at the forefront of innovation, designing competitive solutions to the Greek market
• To offer excellent courier and logistics services that contribute to the success of our customers
• To promote sustainability, with responsibility for the company, its people and the environment.


Orbit Couriers employs more than 120 employees in its modern facilities in Athens and Thessaloniki. Company executives are professionals with long experience in the market and knowledge of customer needs which they serve with speed and diligence. Many of the company's employees have been with us since the beginning, while we are proud of the extremely low employee severance index, which ensures stability and consistent service to our customers. Orbit Couriers continually invests in training and development of its people. Our company treats all employees and associates with the utmost respect, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics

Social Responsibility

Orbit Couriers fundamental principle is that business operations must be conducted following highest standards for the prevention of natural environment and local communities. Our goal is to help our customers develop their businesses around the globe, with the least possible impact on the environment.

Starting from packaging using recyclable materials to latest antifouling technology vehicles, for transportation and distribution, our daily operations are problems free, but also with the least possible impact on the environment.