Insurance coverage, Internal Deliveries

Orbit Couriers automatically secures any delivery carried out within the Greek Territory, if shipment and transported item meet the conditions for takeover, according to the following analysis:
Each shipment carried out through Orbit Couriers which are not included in the prohibited transport items, is automatically insured and limits the responsibility of Orbit Couriers for loss, destruction for destinations in Greece, to the following limits:

• For Document deliveries up to € 50.00 automatically insured
• For items deliveries up to 100,00€ automatically insured

Insurance Packages for Higher Value Deliveries

1. Internal deliveries Program (Supreme Cover)
Insurance charges according to the shipment value (only items):

Value of Transported Goods: Insurance charges based on the value of goods
From 101 € - up to 500 € 3,50 €
From 501 € - up to 1.500 € 8,00 €
From 1.501 € - up to 2.500 € 15,00 €
Over 2.500 € need to communicate and consult with the Orbit Couriers

2. Corporate Companies and Larger values of content (Corporate Cover)
For frequent customers and / or high volume shipments, Orbit Couriers can offer complex insurance programs, with Corporate Cover Program.
In co-operation with insurance companies, we provide insurance policies including higher liability limits with lowest possible charges.
Insurance terms of Corporate Cover Program, apply to high-value items such as: mobile phones, electronics, clothing, luxury goods, etc.
Insurance charges begin from 0.25% and reach up to 0.80% (extra charge) depending on number of shipments, type and value of goods.

3. Insurance for shipments covering Special items, (Platinum Cover)
For customers dealing with trade marketing or continuous transfer of valuables (jewelry, precious stones, artwork, collections, antiques, coins, watches, etc.), special packaging, transport and insurance standards apply, under special agreement and management for specific destinations.

For Additional Insurance Coverage, see terms HERE.

Note: Only upon request for Extra Value Delivery Programs (Supreme Cover, Corporate Cover and Platinum Cover Programs), the extra insurance is charged and overrides the "Auto Insurance" mentioned above.