Specialized Solutions

Food & Beverages

In order to quickly and responsibly manage supplying your customers, Orbit Couriers offers customized micro-logistics solutions for the secure storage and transportation of food and beverages , which include : • Safe packaging protects from damage • Immediate response and handling of new orders • delivery in less than 24 hours from the order receipt.

Computers & Electronics

The high-tech products need special attention during storage and transportation. The Orbit Couriers has secure facilities and packing materials that absorb percussions, ensuring that your products are delivered to the client without any problems.

Retail & E-Commerce

For most of the consumers, the express delivery of products directly affect the overall experience of your web shops. This is known to Orbit Couriers, so we make sure that deliveries are made without delay, through the extensive and organized global network of FedEx.

Health & Biotechnology

Regarding genetic material shipments, medical samples, cuttings, etc., Orbit Couriers offers special packages to protect your shipment and take over express and responsible delivery.

Gold & Fine Arts

Management and export of jewelry and artworks require special handling and subject to restrictions and formalities. The specialized team of Orbit Couriers will take over to carry out your shipment clearly and responsibly, while will suggest specific safe packages and insurance services for any case needed.

Export Companies

Orbit Couriers and FedEx offer transportation services that will help you deliver your products quickly and safely, remaining competitive in a market that requires excellent customer service.


The Shipping Companies often have shipments require processing and delivery as soon as possible. Orbit Couriers and FedEx offer solutions for shipping with guaranteed delivery time.

Medium Enterprises

We recognize that medium enterprises have major needs. Our solutions are designed to assist medium enterprises to expand dynamic and competitive in the demanding market, adding value with excellent and affordable services.